Client Testimonials

“My name is Pat Christianson, and I would like to commend Bill’s staff for their knowledge of the business they are in, and of their kindness and consideration for those of us who are unaware of what is available to us in the insurance field. They have saved me hundreds of dollars each year by switching me to a more affordable health insurance plan, and they tried very hard to find a prescription drug plan that would work for me. They are a wonderful asset to the business.” -Pat

“If you have signed up for Social Security and Medicare do not walk but run to Bill Senna’s Insurance in Arroyo Grande for expert help with your supplemental and other insurance needs. Bill’s staff will give you professional advice and peace of mind.” – Kathleen

“Superb Service! Great follow-up. Excellent technicians for my family!”- W. Wald

“Bill Senna’s Insurance currently carries my companies health, workers comp, company auto insurance, personal auto and boat insurance. They are great to work with and handle any issues that may arise. I am very confident with Bill Senna and his office staff. I recommend them highly. I know they will take care of you as well. ” -R. Schultz